Pricing Policy

     My pricing policy is pretty straight forward, fix things fast and right and don’t charge a lot for the services performed. I don’t believe in charging a ‘per hour’ rate as a lot of repairs or software installs (including updates) may take a few hours, but really you only touch them for a short period time and the rest is just waiting time.

     As I was growing up, I had the family value instilled in me that you should never forget where you came from and how you got to where you are today. I do truly believe in this value and find that it isn’t as common as it used to be. That is why with my company, I do offer labour discounts to anybody age 55 and over (Proof of Age Required to get the 50% discount). I cant at this time offer any discounts on Website Designs or Website Maintenance Contracts.

     I also offer a labour discount if you have served our Great Country (either in the past or currently still are active- A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THAT SACRAFICE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAVE MADE FOR ALL OF US), you will only pay for parts if they are needed, as I will not charge you labour. Please note you will have to prove that you served or are currently still enrolled. 

     At this time, any labour discounts that I offer to the above (Military Personnel or People aged 55 and over), only apply to Computer Repairs/Upgrades (including the Semi-Annual and Annual Packages) and Data Recovery. Any website designs or website maintenance do not qualify for discounts.

     I don’t charge to look at the problem. I only charge you if I am able to perform the work. After the initial assessment, I will contact you to verify the cost and the time needed to perform the work you asked for. So to deal with me, it will not cost you anything unless I can fix it. If I am servicing your equipment and need to perform 2 repairs or upgrades, you wont pay 2 labour rates. ( An example is if I am replacing your hard drive and have to install windows, it will only be 1 service fee).

     We also now accept E-Transfers as payment. If you wish to use this service, please send the payment to ” “.

Computer Repairs / Upgrades

All my prices are based on a flat rate system - no hidden costs
Install New Hardware or Replace Broken Hardware (Cost of Hardware is Extra)$40.00
Fresh Install or Upgrade to newest Operating System
(Cost of Software is Extra)
Laptop Screen Replacement (Cost of Screen is Extra)$40.00
Laptop Keyboard Replacement (Cost of Keyboard is Extra)$40.00
Virus Scan and Removal$40.00
Maintenance Services (Complete System Cleaning - Parts are Extra). The computer is disassembled, cleaned thoroughly and reassembled. All software is then updated and a virus scan is performed.$40.00
These are the basic repairs that any computer shop will do for you. If you have other issues that aren't listed here, please send me a message with your request and I will get right back to you.
We also have Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Contracts available. The bonus with these contract is Preferred Service & Rates.

Data Recovery

All my prices are a flat rate system
Digital Memory Card (Phone, Camera, etc)$75.00
Desktop PC Hard Drive$75.00
Laptop Hard Drive$75.00
External Hard Drive$75.00
These are the basic devices that I can recover the data from. If you have other hardware that I didn't list here, please send me a message with the information about the device and I will get right back to you.

Digital Scanning

Digital Scanning of Slides
1 to 50 Slides (35mm) or 1 to 50 Photos (4"x6")$40.00
51 to 100 Slides (35mm) or 51 to 100 Photos (4"x6")$75.00
101 to 150 Slides (35mm) or 101 to 150 Photos (4"x6")$110.00
151 to 200 Slides (35mm) or 151 to 200 Photos (4"x6")$145.00

Website Design

If you need a website built for you from scratch - This area is for you. The fees listed below are for the construction of the site only. After the completion of the construction of your site, you need a monthly website maintenance package unless you look after it yourself. The next section shows the different packages I offer. The website is built on my server, when you are happy with it and the fee is paid, I will then transfer it to the Web Host of your choice.
WEBSITE DESIGN - Website is Designed from the Content You ProvideOne Time Fee
(Hosting Extra)
Every website should a Home Page, About Us and a Contact Us page.
Basic Site - 1 to 3 Pages (Home Page, About Us Page and Contact Us Page)$50.00
Enhanced Site - 4 to 10 Pages (Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page and up to 7 others of your choosing)$90.00
Premium Site - 10 to 25 Pages (Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page and up to 22 others of your choosing)$160.00
E-Commerce Setup (Online Shopping Store) - Contact us so we can get you the best package available on the market as they change frequently.T.B.D.
If you need something other than the packages shown here, please send me a message with your request and I will get right back to you with other options based on your needs.

Website Maintenance

If you already have a website built for you and it is functional, but you just need somebody to help you update on a monthly basis - This area is for you.
Basic Site - 1 to 3 Pages$35.00
Enhanced Site - 4 to 10 Pages$50.00
Premium Site - 10 to 25 Pages$100.00
Custom Site - If your site has 26 pages or more, contact us for a quote.T.B.D.
For website maintenance monthly fees, you will receive 5 hours per month of updates / changes to your site. If you need more than the 5 hours, it is half of your monthly cost for every 5 hours after that.