I do believe that every person or company should give back to help others when they can as it makes a better world for everybody. It doesn’t have to be monetary like most people think.  It could be a simple gesture of holding a door open or just stopping to say hi to somebody. You could buy the coffee order for the car behind you in the drive thru or even buying a meal for someone. You don’t realize what the small token of helping somebody can actually do to help them brighten their day. Even just a simple smile goes a long way sometimes.

     I not only believe in this, but I also actually practice it when I can. I do these small acts of kindness without the expectation that I get something in return. If you are a Sports Team, Service Club or School Class trying to raise funds for something, and are looking for a donation, send me a message and let’s see if I can do something to help your cause. I can’t guarantee I can give something to every cause, but I will try to do my best. My normal donation is a voucher for the receiver to get a free computer repair or service which is valued at the $40 mark.

     I do try to incorporate your event into my donation. I do up a little certificate with the voucher and give your event a dedicated email address to my company with your name on it, so the winner has a direct contact with me and I know they are from your event. I feel it is the little touches that go a long way that make it even more special to the winner of the donation.

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     Another way I give back to the community is through this local organization. The founder and director, Doug Trollope, started the program ‘Computers for Kids’ back around 2005 in Mitchell, Ontario and serves Huron and Perth County. The purpose behind it to is equip lower income families or individuals with computers to help their kids excel in school and find work or just simply upgrade their skills. The families or individuals don’t have to pay for them but they must meet certain criteria to qualify to receive a computer system. Most of the people who receive them are in contact with Mr. Trollope through Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program. The families or individuals also don’t pay for repair service if they break. Mr. Trollope has a few volunteers that help him or small companies like me to step in and assist where we can.

     When my clients give me old computers they don’t want anymore or I have parts laying around that are still good, I just call Mr. Trollope and he comes and picks them up and takes them back to his shop to be recycled into machines being donated out. I usually have a load every couple of months he picks up. Usually every August and September, he can’t keep up with demand and that it where I step in and volunteer my time and services to get the systems fixed and out to the people who need them. Other times in the year, large companies will upgrade their systems and give all the old ones to the donation program. Since they don’t have lots of storage room, they need to get fixed quickly and out to their new homes. It is times like this I also step in to help the program catch up and get the systems fixed up quickly.

     If you have any system(s) or components laying around you want to dispose of, please let me know and I will gladly stop by and pick them up and get them to Mr. Trollope or contact him directly at or his office number is 519-348-0407 to arrange a time for him to stop by and pick them up.

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