October 2023

     This install was to bring the internet service from the home out to the shop. The shop is about 60 metres (200 feet) away from the house with a clear line of site. The install started by attaching the first antenna on the side of house and running the CAT 6E Cables into the house to the router location.







     As you can see the unit is pretty small. This unit is on 23cm high by 10cm wide and 3cm thick. This unit is good for upto 1km between antennas. It is waterproof, dustproof and can operate in temperatures from -30C to 55C. When I install the units, after testing I do go back and apply heavy duty sealer over the seems on the unit for added protection. This particular install was done right beside the clients Bell Rural WiFi Antenna just to keep things clean and tidy looking. This also helps show just how small this antenna really is compared to the Bell Dish.

     Once this process is completed, we moved onto the shop installation. It is the exact same process as the house where we run the wire from the Antenna mounted on side of shop through the wall and into the office.







     The client wanted WiFi and wired connections in the office as he already had a network jack wired into the office. So we added a small WiFi Router and had the preinstalled jack wire into that. So now he has shop WiFi and a wired jack also for his computer. Once this was all done, we configured the WiFi with a password for added security. This installation took about 3 hours to complete.






     Since this was completed, the client has had me back to add 3 External Security Cameras around his shop. I cant show you the cameras for security but all 3 cameras were wired into a PoE Hub and then into the WiFi Router which allows the client to see the cameras on their mobile device or any computer they wish to.

     The cameras we used were the Reolink 4K Ultra Wide Viewing Angle. These cameras are incredible and very simple to use. We installed 3 Cameras and that covered his entire property.






     This camera can be used outside or inside. It combines 2 lenses into 1 view, so this camera provides an 180° panorama and covers much finer details in 4K resolution with less distortion. An ideal choice for your backyard or driveway.






SMART PERSON/VEHICLE/PET DETECTION: Say goodbye to the unwanted alarms triggered by moving branches or flying bugs. The camera identifies true threats by cutting-edge detection algorithms, giving you the utmost peace and relief.

ALL-ROUND DETERRENCE TO INTRUDERS: Once this PoE camera detects suspicious activities, it can deter intruders effectively with spotlights on and a siren activated. Two-way talk allows you to control the situation by an oral warning to the unwelcome.

INSTANT ALERTS & REMOTE ACCESS: The camera will send instant push/email alerts to your devices once it captures something abnormal. Check what’s happening anytime anywhere via the Reolink App, all within a few taps and without extra fees.

COLOR NIGHT VISION & IP66 WATERPROOF: With motion spotlights, the camera has a remarkable ability to handle low-light conditions by producing advanced full-color images at night. Rated IP66, this camera can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

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