Point to Point Internet

     Do you love your high speed internet in your house but wish you could have it outside in the garage or workshop? You live on a farm and have the high speed internet in the house but would also like to have it in the barn office but don’t want to pay extra fees? You have an Air B&B on your property and want to give your guests good solid WiFi for them to use? You have looked around and found it could be extremely costly to have the cable ran out to the shop or barn. I can help you with this and it is way cheaper than you actually think.

     I have had some customers ask me about getting the internet to their office in the shop without running wires and costing them a fortune to accomplish this and it must be a stable connection. I went to work investigating this issue and found this to be a common issue for people. I have found a simple solution to this issue. It is called Point-to-Point Wifi Bridging. The simplest explanation is you have the Internet in your house and from this you install a very small discreet antenna outside facing the building you wish to have internet in. On that building, you also install a similar antenna facing the one mounted on the outside of your house. The two antennas communicate with each other and you now have internet in the secondary building with ZERO wires connecting them. The best part is, this technology can work up to a few kilometers between buildings (based on the different types of hardware purchased).

     For the average user, the hardware required can run you up to $300 plus installation. This may seem like a lot of money for such a simple process, but not having to dig holes or trenches, run wire, install the wired hardware and find the time to do it all is well worth it in the end.

     I was able to help out a few of my customers with this to try it out and so far they love it and have had zero issues. I wanted to test it out and find the pitfalls with it so I bought a system for my own farm. I looked into the wired route and the Point – To – Point system.

     For the wired route, the distance between my house and barn is approx. 450 feet. The first issue I have is the length from the house to the barn is over 328 feet which is the maximum length of cable you can use to transmit data. So around the half way point I would have to install a Data Switch to get the signal all the way to the barn. So taking the average prices off the internet for Ontario Stores – the wire alone was going to be around $250 plus the ends and taxes, so around $315.00. I would need to dig a trench for the cable from the house to the barn and being in the middle of winter, that really isn’t an option.

     For the Point-To-Point route, again with the distance of approx. 450 feet, I didn’t need a huge over powerful unit to accomplish this. I ordered an average unit for $240. It comes with everything I need in the box. The only thing extra I had to purchase with a mounting pole for on the barn and 25 feet of CAT 6E Wire to get the signal from my router to my outside antenna. It took about 3 hours to install everything from start to finish and it works like I was inside my house and not 450 feet away sitting in a barn.

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