May 2023

This install was to bring the internet service from the home out to the barn. The barn is about 50 metres (160 feet) away from the house with a clear line of site. The install started by attaching the first antenna on the side of house and running the CAT 6E Cables into the house to the router location.

picture of house antenna

As you can see the unit is pretty small. This unit is on 23cm high by 10cm wide and 3cm thick. This unit is good for upto 1km between antennas. It is waterproof, dustproof and can operate in temperatures from -30C to 55C. When I install the units, after testing I do go back and apply heavy duty sealer over the seems on the unit for added protection.

Once this process is completed, we moved onto the barn installation. It is the exact same process as the house where we run the wire from the Antenna mounted on side of barn through the wall and into the media centre unit.

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