Data Recovery

     There is no worse feeling in the world then turning on your computer and finding out it wont start or your hard drive has died. It happens to everyone at some point, and usually happens without any notice and at the most inconvenient time. Do you have all those special moments captured on your digital camera and by accident erase them all. You get that sick feeling knowing that all those moments are gone forever. 

     I use some of the latest software, technology and methods to retrieve them. Unfortunately nobody can guarantee to get them back, but I have around a 90% success rate. I don’t charge you anything for looking and trying to salvage the media files. You only pay if I am successful. If this has happened to you, contact me and let me see what I can do to help you out.

      ** If this has happened to you, PLEASE STOP USING THE DEVICE IMMEDIATELY. The more you continue to use it, the more damage you will do to the deleted items and the chance of recovery is harder. If the device has a memory card, please also remember to power off the device before removing the card. **

     If the unit that fails is in a laptop or desktop computer, you don’t have to worry about taking it apart, just give the entire unit to me and let me handle the repairs for you or give me a call and I can pick it up. If the data you need recovered is on a memory card (camera, phone or similar device), just give me the card. Any files that are recovered will be burned to a DVD(s) as a backup for you. To cover the cost of the DVD(s), I charge $2.00 per DVD plus the basic cost. If you have an external hard drive (I will format over it for security reasons, so please make sure it is blank), you want me to use, then I don’t charge anything extra on top of the basic fee. After doing the initial investigation, I will tell you the total charge before I begin so you wont have any surprises when I complete the work.

     I am 100% strictly confidential and I don’t retain any of the data for my personal use. After the repair is over, any drive of mine I used to aid in the recovery, is wiped clean and reformatted. This is done for security issues and to prevent the spread of viruses if any were undetected.  When I recover a drive, the software recovers a lot of data from the device or media card, both good files and jumbled files. I have found that a 32GB memory card will recover almost 64GB of files. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below with the details and I will get back to you quickly.

Please tell us what type of equipment that the data is on. What happened when the device failed? Give as much details as possible to help us understand the issue.
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