Computer Repairs / Upgrades

     I have found that some people get frustrated with their computers because they run slow, freeze up and just don’t run as well as they used to. The most common reason I hear is it must be because the hardware is old or their computer is ‘full of junk’. Most of the time, a fresh clean install of the operating system and software will fix those issues. I have also had clients tell me that some repair shops want hundreds of dollars to fix their systems. I know this frustration all to well and I want to give you piece of mind that you wont find that with me. I want you to be happy knowing your hardware is safe with me and when you get it back, you wont get a massive bill or regrets picking me for your repairs or upgrades.
Some of the most common things I repair or upgrade are:

  • Laptop Screen Replacements
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacements (are you missing a key (or a few), keys sticking down – it can be easy to change out the entire keyboard)
  • Laptop internal fans (helps with overheating issues)
  • Fresh Install or Upgrade of Windows with all updates
  • Hardware Component Upgrades on Laptops or Desktops (Hard Drives, DVD Drives, Bluray Drives, Increase RAM, Power Supply Replacements)

     One thing that most computer users forget to do on a regular basis is to clean around their towers. With the fans running all the time while being used, there is usually a buildup of dust and dirt. Over time all that dust and dirt can cause you to have issues. One of the biggest reasons for hardware failure is overheating. I can tell you that all of my systems are on a scheduled maintenance plan that includes all the CPU and case fans getting cleaned or replaced in our hardware units to help prevent costly repairs and keep them running without issues. Most of the systems I have built for clients, the cases are designed, and the hardware installed in them to keep air flowing to help keep the components cool and functioning. 

     While I strive to have your machine back to you as quickly as possible (usually within 1-2 business days, some times the same day even), some clients just cant afford any down time at all. I understand that lost productivity means lost money and fewer sales. That is why I have purchased a few loaner machines. If you need to be up and running right away with limited down time, I can deliver a loaner machine and set it up for you and take your machine away to be repaired and bring it back when fixed for you. This service is available but I have limited number of loaner machines. The very small fee I charge for a loaner machine ($25.00 per service call/repair), goes to maintaining those loaner towers. Rest assured that when you are done with the tower, anything work you may have done on those computers are completely wiped clean so your nobody else can see any of your data. The loaner machines come loaded with Windows 10 or Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook). If you need other software, let me know and I will see what I can do to help.

     If you need a repair or an upgrade, send me a message and lets get you back up and running as quickly as possible. I do work 7 days a week, I have even worked over Stat (Public) Holidays to get the job done! There is no surcharge for weekend or holiday work. I don’t stop until you are running again and are happy with the work I performed on your machine.

What type of work do you need completed? Please give as much detail as you can.
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Do you have a picture or screen shot of what is happening, you can send it to me to help explain your issue. Please keep your file size under 5MB. Please keep in mind, the larger the file, the longer it will take to send to me. If you are unsure on how to take a screen shot, you can view simple instructions at this link ... how to capture a screen shot...
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