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Have you used my services before and want to send me feedback, then you have come to the right place. Any feedback you wish to leave for me or for others to see can be done on this page. I will post any feedback you leave – which includes the good, the bad and the in between. I will respond to all feedback that you post. The only way I can get better or keep doing what I am is to hear back from you. I also want others to know what type of business I run and how your experience dealing with me was.

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Barry Smith Web Designs
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 18 reviews
by Jan D on Barry Smith Web Designs
Fantastic service

Barry contacted me regarding a post on Facebook that I needed help. While he felt the task was minor, I considered it a huge asset because it allowed me the time to continue what I needed to do and also the frustration of trying to figure it out on my own! He was very courteous, professional, helpful and prompt. I would definitely recommend his services when required.

I am glad I was able to help you out with your project and wish you all the best with it. Contact me anytime as I am always around.

by Celina on Barry Smith Web Designs
Over the phone!

I called Barry because I heard his name around work. I asked him if he could help me with my computer and between the phone and Facebook messenger, he walked me through the steps to fix it myself. He explained things in a way I understood and it was easy. Great job and thanks.

Hey Celina, I only did great because I had a great helper!

by Daniel K. on Barry Smith Web Designs
Game On!

My computer over heated and the power supply burnt out. I called Barry Saturday morning and I had my rig back Saturday afternoon and gaming again by supper time! Thank you so much.

Glad to help out Daniel. I will admit that was my first repair I did in a parking lot. Next time, lets go somewhere warmer or wait until July.

by Peter D on Barry Smith Web Designs

We were moving our Office to a new location and hired Barry to come in and wire it all up for us. We had 20 wall jacks we wanted installed and computers all setup. He was to have it all done before the holidays, but ran into a few issues (only partly his fault) but he worked through the holiday season and by the end of the year had everything done and even setup all the computers on the network and had our NAS system setup. Excellent job but I could only give you 4 stars because you went past the deadline I gave you. You will still be my first call for anything and next time you will get the 5 stars.

Hey Peter, I am glad you are happy with the work. I will admit this was a bigger job than I thought and the contractor was good to work with. I hope your employees like the new office space as it looks open and when you expand, please call me again!!!

by Kenny W. on Barry Smith Web Designs

I bought a new laptop and have had it for about 8 months now and it runs slow. I had Barry take a look at it, he cleaned it up, we added another stick of RAM to it at the same time and runs fast again. I will be back next time it slows down for you to work your magic on it! Thank you.

Kenny, glad to help you out. Now that you know where I live, it will be easier next time. 🙂

by Jeremy P. on Barry Smith Web Designs
Saved my Road Trip

I was having issues with a virus I downloaded through an email. I tried everything and couldn't fix the machine. I called Barry as I was leaving for holidays and I need my computer for work. I called him Thursday night asking if there was any possible way I could get it back on Friday afternoon. He made no promises, but called me Friday at 11:30am and said it was ready to go. He even installed the Windows 10 software I had at the same time (I was using Windows 7) and it runs perfectly in time for me to take it on the road. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will definitely be back to use his services!!!

Hey Jeremy, I am glad to help anytime. I hope your trip was AWESOME as you had described it to me before you left.

by Pete P. on Barry Smith Web Designs

I dropped my desktop off Friday on the way to the cottage for a Windows 10 upgrade and when I got home on Monday and unpacking the car, he came over and hooked it up for me and showed me how to setup a Microsoft Account. 2 Thumbs UP!

Glad to help Pete and I loved seeing the photos of the cottage, might have to rent it for a weekend in the future!

by Jenny B. on Barry Smith Web Designs
Not happy - Part 2

I must apologize for my last review. I allowed Barry to come over and try again and it turns out it was a broken plug going into the back of my computer for the internet. Once he saw that wire, he replaced it at no charge and the problem was fixed. I can't express how sorry I am and I wish I could take back my harsh words I had for you. I WILL DEAL WITH YOU AGAIN and tell my friends to also to deal with you.

Jenny, I am glad to see everything is working still and I am glad I was able to troubleshoot the problem. I hope it is okay with you to leave your last review up there as I have the honest approach and I post all comments, negative or positive. You just make sure you give your puppy a few extra treats from me!

by Jenny B. on Barry Smith Web Designs
Not happy

I had Barry come get my desktop to fix because the internet wouldn't stay connected. He had it for 2 days and brought it back and said there was nothing wrong with it. Within a few hours, it was broken again. The only good thing is he didn't charge me.

Jenny, I have tried calling you a few times. Please give me another chance to look at it and fix it, again at no charge.

by Ted on Barry Smith Web Designs

I bought a used laptop from Barry and everything was perfect for about 2 months and then one day the screen stayed black on me. I called him up and he picked the laptop up from me and had it repaired and back to me with in a day and he didn't even charge me for the service call. Outstanding Customer Service.

Hey Ted, thanks for the review. I did explain that it was a software issue and not a hardware issue, but I will still work harder next time to earn that 5th star from you. Have a great day and try to enjoy this rainy weather on your trip.

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