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Have you used my services before and want to send me feedback, then you have come to the right place. Any feedback you wish to leave for me or for others to see can be done on this page. I will post any feedback you leave – which includes the good, the bad and the in between. I will respond to all feedback that you post. The only way I can get better or keep doing what I am is to hear back from you. I also want others to know what type of business I run and how your experience dealing with me was.

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Barry Smith Web Designs
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 7 reviews
by Jeremy P. on Barry Smith Web Designs
Saved my Road Trip

I was having issues with a virus I downloaded through an email. I tried everything and couldn't fix the machine. I called Barry as I was leaving for holidays and I need my computer for work. I called him Thursday night asking if there was any possible way I could get it back on Friday afternoon. He made no promises, but called me Friday at 11:30am and said it was ready to go. He even installed the Windows 10 software I had at the same time (I was using Windows 7) and it runs perfectly in time for me to take it on the road. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will definitely be back to use his services!!!

Hey Jeremy, I am glad to help anytime. I hope your trip was AWESOME as you had described it to me before you left.

by Ted on Barry Smith Web Designs

I bought a used laptop from Barry and everything was perfect for about 2 months and then one day the screen stayed black on me. I called him up and he picked the laptop up from me and had it repaired and back to me with in a day and he didn't even charge me for the service call. Outstanding Customer Service.

Hey Ted, thanks for the review. I did explain that it was a software issue and not a hardware issue, but I will still work harder next time to earn that 5th star from you. Have a great day and try to enjoy this rainy weather on your trip.

by Richard on Barry Smith Web Designs
Best call I made.

I was on a Facebook Group asking questions about computers and issues I was having. Barry tried to help me try a few things to fix it myself but I was still having issues. I asked him to take a quick look at it and see if he could figure it out. He picked up my computer the next morning at 7am and had it back to me that night around 830 and it was like a new machine. It was completely fixed up and working without issues. It was a great experience and I will deal with him again without hesitation.

Thank you Richard, it was a pleasure meeting you and if you ever need my services again, you got my number.

by Cindy Kropf on Barry Smith Web Designs
Quick to Repsond

I recently need someone to hook up a new printer for me. Barry was so quick to respond and so quick to come to my home. I love having someone I can count on to come right away. Barry has come 3 times and every time he came right away and got the job I needed done. Thanks Barry.

Thank you Cindy. It was my pleasure. I am glad we got your new printer working great and I am only a call away.

by Rob Johnson on Barry Smith Web Designs
Even on Weekends.

I dropped my computer off on a Friday night as I need it for work and Barry had it fixed and back to me on Saturday afternoon. It works perfectly and he was a professional to deal with. Also at $40 for a Friday night, that is to good of a deal to pass up. I will be back and I am recommending him to everybody I know.

Hey Rob, I am glad to help you out. I appreciate the good word of mouth. I did tell you, that my reputation is my name and that is something that means a lot to me. I hope you enjoyed the weekend away.

by Charles Martin on Barry Smith Web Designs
Best Customer Service Around

I dropped my laptop and the screen smashed on it. I took it to one of the Big Chain Stores and was quoted a little over $380 to fix it. A guy at work said he knew somebody and gave me the number to call Barry. I called him on a Tuesday night and he came and picked up my laptop that night and returned it Friday afternoon and you wouldn’t even know I dropped it. The best part was, it cost me about $200 less dealing with Barry and I know I got better customer service from him. The free camera protector was also nice, something I never thought about before. See you again for all my repairs.

Hey Charles, I am glad you felt I gave you great customer service. To tell you the truth, I treat all my clients the same way I would want to be treated if the situation was reversed. I am glad I could be a service. Come back anytime (not that I want you to drop your laptop again - see I told you that you would look back and smile about this situation). 🙂

by Peggy Wright on Barry Smith Web Designs
Fast and Cheap!

My laptop has been getting hot lately because the fan wasn’t working on it. I took it to 2 other computer places and they say they fixed it by cleaning it. I heard about Barry from some members at the club and thought I would try him. He not only fixed it fast, he did it cheap. If I ever need something fixed again, I will be calling him first.

Thank you Peggy. I appreciate your feedback and I am glad I was able to fix your fan issue. If you ever have any issues, please get back to me.