Barry Smith Web Designs

    I would like to welcome you to my site. I have always had an interest in computers and technology growing up. I was one of those kids who would take things apart and try to put them back together, usually this was done without my parents knowing until after the fact. I started this business venture because my family and friends were turning to me to help them build their websites and setup their different forms of technology, everything from networking entire homes and offices to configuring their computer systems.

     On November 2, 2018, it was finally time that I launched my own business doing the things I love most – working on computers and helping people. My plan is simple – help as many people as I can but at the same time doing it as cheaply as possible without cutting corners for the people I am helping. I used to deal with the ‘Big Box Stores’ and found I was over paying for most items and services and I was just another customer in line ready to pay whatever they told me the repair was worth. I had enough of seeing this happen to me and other people. I am not looking to get rich doing things I love, but rather enjoying the time I put in working on various projects to gain more experience and knowledge. I feel in life if you are doing something you enjoy, then it really isn’t work. This business venture is more about helping people and enjoying my hobby than anything else.

     My work ethic is very strong and I am very conscious about how things look and the way they present to the world. I spend a lot of time researching websites and just surfing the web and I have found that big flashy websites sometimes push people away which in turn cost companies money. My approach is simple – keep it basic and organized so people can use it easily. That is why my company’s slogan is “THERE IS BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY“. If you have been thinking about getting a website of your own or need some computer repairs done, send me a message and lets talk.

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